So long Siyafunda!

Three weeks has passed and it´s time to leave. Dear Siyafunda and wonderful South Africa, thank you for times filled with great tings to be grateful for! Thank you all lions, impalas, cameleons, elephants, girafs, zebras, spiders, snakes, nyalas, birds, rhinos, dungbeetles, hippos, good looking bugs, hyenas, scorpions, buffalos, cheetas, and the leopard for letting us look att you, count you, gps you and not biting/eating us. Thank you car for carrying us almost always. Thank you all co-voulonteers during the weeks for great cooperation in work and thank you Lukas, Mike, Andrews, Dean and Robin for beeing such warm, generous and skillful rangers. Thank you Mavis, John, Mike again, Bridget, Amanda and all other in Jobs family for hosting us at the reserve, and also for a wonderful New Years party.

The world is a great place. Through working together we make it even better. Thank you everyone at Siyafunda and untill we meet again – So long!